Note Buyers

Note Buyers

Are you looking for an opportunity to get into Note Investing? Trinity purchases direct from major lenders and banks, allowing us to offer loans at competitive prices.

At Trinity, our goal is to provide note buyers the ability to capitalize on distressed real estate market through note investing. Trinity offers personalized service that is tailored to each individual buyers needs.

Our strategic partnerships and affiliations enable us to offer the best financial options.

Our Solutions

At Trinity Financial Services LLC., we have an assortment of loans allowing our team to work with each note buyer’s individual preferences.

Trinity Financial purchases distressed second mortgages direct from the lenders, so we are able to offer highly competitive pricing.

Our team has acquired in excess of two billion dollars in unpaid principal balance. Working with Trinity Financial Services LLC., experienced leaders in the second mortgage industry, gives buyers many distinct advantages in the market. Trinity prides itself on offering the savviest analysis in the industry. Our loans are evaluated by a team of experienced and highly trained analysts.

References are available upon request.